Photography Is.....

(from wikipedia...so trusty...?)

"Photography is the art, science, and practice of creating pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or electronic image sensors."

Yes, that is GREAT. Wonderful description. BUT! To me, photography is my heart on film. What I see through my lens, no one else sees the way I do.  And I will not see what you see - that is the super fun "thing" about photography.

One thing about photography I love is the memory created within the moment. I have countless memories of my mom, adjusting her lens, looking through the viewfinder, adjusting some more - all the while we are still CHEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE - ing. I love that my beautiful mother likes "candid" images and speciafically asks no one to look - which makes it even more awkward. I love the boxes and boxes (and boxes, yes I said boxes....) of pictures we have from our whole life. Before Mom and Dad were married, when they got Ben, Toni and Papa's house in Delaware, when they got me. Our life in West Asheville, our move to Haw Creek, John arriving, and Christmas happening all within the same month. I love that we have pictures of John and I on the roof of our house, watching the builders put shingles on our house. (I do not know where Mary was.... She was not present. Please do no call DSS - we already had a run in with them....)

These are not only memories we have written on our brains - we have them preserved on paper. We can share these images of our childhood with our children, and tell them how simple life was. No iPods, no cell phones (until I was in 8th grade), we went to the pool everyday in the summer, we PLAYED with our neighbors (and awesome friends!) down the street. We used our imagination to create worlds beyond this one, with only an old fashioned baby cart and some tracks Ben built in the "Pricker Fort." [Recently we "recovered" the tracks and baby carriage....and Mary had NO CLUE what we were doing.... Total safety hazard. But so fun!]

People often ask me:

"how do you take such great pictures?"

Honestly, I see something I want to capture, I press {CLICK}! (You don't have to a pro to take great pictures..... there, I said it! the secret it out.)

If you love it IN the camera, it's a pretty sure thing you will love it OUT of the camera

A few things to try with your family is 'un-posing' them. Don't have them sit in a line, on a couch, or chair like at Olan Mills. Just have them go outside, play, and

capture the moment, present

If you do want a portrait, put your subject in the corners of your viewfinder. Remember the

"Rule of Thirds"
(you all should remember this from elementary art class....) 

- it's okay to cut off part of something. I like images of a face taking up the whole print.  It's okay for everything not to be "perfect" in your shot. It is YOUR image -  

you are the historian of that moment.

Don't forget to capture the little things your children do everyday. Photograph them reading their favorite book, playing wii, eating lunch. Send the kids outside with some bubbles and watch their faces light up. Take pictures of their room with the HUGE mess they created. Journaling your life isn't about remembering the "perfect" things - it's about remembering. Period.

Now, GO SHOOT SOMETHING. Not literally, press the button on your camera....

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