How To Make..... Sugar Scrub!

Tomorrow I am being spray tanned, and all I can think about is this:

But! It's not going to be! (clap clap!)  Bella Sole is a stunning studio that offers healthy spray tans! 

I used to LOVE tanning in the sun, laying out for long periods of time. But, after reading so much about skin cancer I haven't laid out in years. I use sunscreen everyday and try my best to wear a hat when out in the sun for a time. I have never been checked for skin cancer - I need to! Maybe that will be my next appointment.....?

In preparing to go tomorrow morning, you have to thoroughly exfoliate your skin. I have a fun little "recipe" for sugar scrub that you will LOVE. It makes a great gift for a loved one, but I like to keep it in the shower. 

Yummy Tummy Sugar Scrub

Items you will need:

Jar of some sort
Two kinds of sugar - I use Raw and White Sugars
Olive Oil
Vanilla - if you so desire
Some type of Scented Oil - I used lavender, but you could also use lemon extract. Or, just use the vanilla

Add your sugars to the jar and mix well. Begin adding your oil, small quantities at a time. I like mine a little more "rough" so I don't let it get too soupy. After you have mixed your sugar and oil to the desired consistency - add your scented-ness. Screw the top on and head for the shower!

I like to use mine towards the beginning of my shower - Be sure and do you feet last - it does get slippery, so BE CAREFUL. (I am not liable for your accident....let's all use common sense.)

Your skin will feel wonderful when you are done! One more thing, be sure and turn the hot water down a bit - if you have sensitive skin like me, the hotter the water, the itchy my skin becomes. So, when I am sloughing off old skin, I try (try is the key word....) to use warm water and not hot.

Instead of using lotion when you get out of the shower - use olive oil! Your skin will love it! Olive oil cures lots of ailments such as eczema, acne, dry/irritated skin, etc.

Make a few jars of this and give it to your girl friends! This is a very economical gift that they will adore!

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