Princess Tea Party

Growing up, my grandparents had this amazing walk in pantry. There I would create the most fabulous tea parties from "my" shelf - my grandmother designated the bottom shelf with all thing "tea party" - tiny china tea cups & saucers (heirloom family items) - glass plates - glass pitches - etc. I wish we had thought to photograph that shelf now, however, I will forever remember it. Maybe I'll recreate it when I have children?

Last August I created a tea party for one of my charges & her friends. I had an absolute blast. Not only because R & her friends loved it, but because I got to share a special past time with a new generation. For me, creating & planning parties is pure pleasure. At least once, if not twice a week we have guests over for dinner. (If you've never been invited - our door is always open. Please come and sit!)  Here are a few simple guidelines to follow when creating a party, not just a tea party, but any party!


Most of the items I used were the very ones I played with growing up. I did add some fun "goodies"
for the girls - silly bands - bling bling rings - headbands - necklaces - fun things!


When it comes to food - I take the easy road. I go to my local specialty food store & buy as many pre made options as I can. Then, I assemble them, and add a couple home made items. This saves me time & I don't feel like I'm lacking in the "treat" department. Your friends are definitely not going to have a better time if you are in the kitchen, slaving away! Relax!


 Using items that have meaning to you make it special. These tea cups have been in the hands of 3 generations - I can't wait to share them with generations to come.

 Remember to celebrate the special things in your life. Whether that is using a tea cup that is 3 generations old, or rocking your sweet new baby in your grandmother's rocker. Life is well deserved & we are all blessed to be living it!


Pinkies up!

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  1. LOVE this beautiful post! Guess who I have bought a miniature glass tea set for? Found it in an antique store in Biltmore. You will have to come and sip tea w/ us...(when she's old enough!!) :)