Hello, Tiny Ones!

Meet Berkley & Canon. They are 35 weeks old, born at 31.5! You can't really tell in these pictures, but these girls are PEANUTS. More like sunflower seeds. Weighing in around 4 pounds each, they are amazing.

Melina, we had so much fun. Your girls were perfect little models. Can't wait to journal their progress!

This one shows how little their heads are. The flowers are the same size!


  1. beyond adorable :) such precious gifts from God!!! and truly astounding photography!

  2. Oh Ashley, these are the sweetest pictures ever! That had to be such a fun shoot! I think my fave is the bunkbed shot, but I can imagine trying to choose my prints if I were the parents! Adorable! ;)

  3. Holy cow those babies are cute and so sweet! These will be cherished pics, I know!