Asheville, NC

Oh, sweet Asheville. I love my hometown! It is big enough to feel far ways from people & small enough to always see a familiar face.

I have lived here all (almost) 24 years of my life. I was born here, adopted here, and raised here. I hope to never move, not only to be close to my cute family, but because I love the area! Where else can you be surrounded by mountains, but only a few hours from the beach??

This past weekend my parents and I took a trolly tour. Yes, we were complete tourists in our own city. Yet, I learned so many cool things! Asheville is a city full of history & exciting things. Here are a few fun facts:

- Asheville was a asthma patients mecca. Folks would come from all over for the 'fresh, mountain air'
- Locals would rent their porches to ill patients... sleeping outside and breathing clean air was vital to a persons well being.
- the vaccine for tuberculosis was invented here
- Nina Simone began her vocal training at Homewood
- Mr. Grove (of Grove Park Inn) built our city from selling his "Grove's Cold Tablets" and making a fortune!

- Grove Park Inn was built in one day less than a year ... pretty unbelievable! 

- Many of our "Art Deco" buildings are still here as a result of not being able to build new buildings... Our city was in debt and wanted to repay the debt before building new buildings.

You should take a Gray Line Trolley Tour! It was very neat & informative. Asheville is an amazing city that needs to be shared. Not that I want to...

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