8 Most Used Apps!

Have I told you lately how much I love my iPhone??? Well, I do. A lot. A lot, a lot. With my iPhone, I can choose from a gazillion different apps... No, there aren't a gazillion, but more to choose from than possible!

So, today, I want to share 8 of my most used apps. These apps I use daily, if not multiple times through out the day. Facebook is not one of my 8 - yes, I use it ALL. THE. TIME. But, it's like water... you don't count water as an ingredient you buy...? So, Facebook doesn't count.

1. Evernote
Oh, baby. This app has stolen my brain and made it work. This application syncs between ALL your devices and then some. When I create a note to remind me to bring extra shoes to the wedding this weekend, it puts it in my online folder, as well as on my computer's Evernote app. So, when I open my notes on Kate's computer, I can see them all. This application makes me feel a little more put together. Thanks, Evernote, for being so helpful!

2. Amazon

Ok, so this is a very close 2nd, and it's really part one of two. (I have two favorites...what's new?) I love that I can buy my children's swim flippers on amazon, one click, ship and done. Oh, and because I have Amazon Prime, they came the next day, fo FREEEEEEEEE. That is amazing service, yes sir. Can I get a WOO Hoooooooooo???!

2.5. Google

Whew! I could NEVER live my life without Google. There really aren't enough words to express my gratitude, Dear Google... You have answered so many questions for me. And given me so many answers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

3. Pandora
I love Celine Dion. I love Whitney Houston. And I love Mariah Carey. They come on the same station.... Yes, Please!!!!

4. Amazon Kindle
It is essential to read while waiting in a doctors office, tae kwon do, ballet, or the many other waiting rooms I find myself. Kindle is fabulous for keeping my brain stimulated!

5. Square
My photography company can charge cards through Square - a fabulous SQUARE that you swipe a credit card through, it completes your transaction within 10 seconds and WHAM! Money in the bank. SO handy!

6. Photoshop Express
You knew it was bound to be in here somewhere. I can take images with the native camera on my phone, edit them on my phone, and send them to Facebook. I love technology.

7. iHome - Sleep

I love sleeping. And, I obsess over the hours I get... As in I go to bed around 10 - wake up two hours later - count how many hours are left till 7am - go back to sleep - wake up an hour later - count down hours again - stress that I'm not getting my REM.... It goes on all night... This application puts my mind at rest (no pun intended!). I swipe the bedtime bar, then swipe when I wake up! It records my hours, and averages them for the week. I can tell when I'm about to get sick (I sleep wayyy more), I can tell when I'm too busy, and I feel a bit productive? Sweet!

8. Urbanspoon
While I don't use this one everyday, I do like to "play" through my local restaurants. It's great for dinner ideas, people who are looking to eat somewhere yummy, and it's nice to read the reviews.

What are some of your favorite applications??

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