Expressive Photography

Good Morning!

If you are a photographer, or a mom, or an aunt, or a grandmother, or a sister who enjoys photography, I have a fabulous book for you.

The Shutter Sisters are an incredible group of women from all over. They take the most unexpected & interesting images. They keep me captivated with their never ceasing creativity. Shutter Sisters are truly, truly talented! Visit their awesome blog & website for daily inspiration!

Expressive Photography

Since reading & rereading this book, I have been more diligent in focusing on the background, the crop of the shot, is it interesting?  Am I disobeying the rule of thirds??? Whatever questions I ask myself (mostly) do not matter. If I love the shot in the view finder, I will most likely love it out of the camera. If I captured something on so & so day, I documented history. And, to me, that's why I take pictures. I take pictures so I can hold on to moments in life that are special - Doesn't matter if a child is completely turned around in the image, pouting her little heart out, THAT is worth photographing!

Go buy yourself (or send it to someone you KNOW will love this) a copy & be inspired!

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