Andrew's Crowning!

Hey Ya'll!

I had the privilege of attending the Air Force commissioning of a dear, dear friend. The Carlson family has known me, since before I was born/adopted!! My childhood is filled with memories of GI Joe's & pricker forts, Free Willy & Angels in the Outfield. East Asheville Baseball & the pool all summer. "Fat & Skinny" cheetos wrestling, peanut butter & honey sandwiches before kindergarten.  I am beyond blessed to have this family (and MANY others) in my life, for my whole life. I have never moved (well, from across town when I was two...doesn't count...), we all live within a couple miles of each other, and we've been in the same church, school, community. This is how I want to raise my children. It really does take a village to raise a family, and having a constant community of believers and encourage-rs is wonderful! Haw Creek, you are special. Please save me a house, preferably withing 0.5 miles of my parents....!

Here are several images from Andrew's "Crowning" - really, his commissioning, but I could never remember what it was called..... Oops!

If you want a fun blob to read, go read Lizanne's! She's a fabulous writer!! Click HERE

Precious Lizanne, who came mid law school exams!

Sweet brothers, who are a tinge wild, sometimes....

I think this would make a great Christmas card!

Daniel "swore in" Andrew - I'm not going to lie, I had a baby tear in my eye

Everyone who came! Such fabulous friends and family.

The Haw Creek Boys! Minus a few!

Love you, sweet Carlson Family!


  1. Oh, Ash! This gave me more than a "baby tear"! How precious of you! I loved all your wonderful memories!
    Some comments: 1)"a tinge wild" -are you serious??? 2)It WOULD be a great picture for our Christmas card IF our girls were in it, too! (You'll have to come take some more for us....) and 3) I wanted to see a picture with YOU in it too! (didn't the pic turn out that I took???)
    Love you, sweet girl!
    Susie Q

  2. Ashley, these are absolutely phenomenal! What an amazing family! Susan Carlson, you should write a book on how to raise boys... you're obviously an expert!

  3. Well, I don't know anyone in these pictures but can certainly appreciate the sentiment and the presence of love on all the faces! Beautiful family!!!

    btw Ashley: My husband & I both are from the Asheville area- (he) Candler, (me) Oteen :)