January Goals

I'm a firm believer in goal setting -- in good goal setting -- in goals that further me as a person, and as a small business owner. I'm a firm believer in shouting your goals from the rooftops, so you have an army of people who will hold you accountable.

So, each month, I'll be sharing my goals with you! I use Powersheets -- and I'll be sharing my 'Tending List' and keeping it updated with progress.

Join me if you'd like!

January's Tending List --

Monthly -
Finish (well) module one on EBA
Build Ikea Shelf completed 1/2/16
Reorganize closet & dresser

Plan and prep meals
3 posts on SL
Social media scheduling

Daily Habits
Write 30 minutes a day on ebook
Read 20 minutes ✓
Bible journal 15 minutes
10,000 steps
8 hours sleep ✓


Eleven Meals to Get Your New Year Started!

Planning for your New Year?? Here's ELEVEN healthy meals to get you started!

You'll hear me say this every single year --- I love the last three days.... Planning the new year, anticipating great things, and getting excited to turn over that calendar!

If you're like me, you've got it all planned out.... And, you're hoping it will "stick" longer than February 1st... 😁

Add these eleven recipes to your Pinterest boards, save them Facebook, or wherever! They are sure to become house hold faves -- and be on rotation many times.  Most are low carb, and if they aren't, they're full of protein ready to power you through your day!

Tuna Salad (this was my VERY first blog post!!)

Happy New Year's Eve Eve, Dear Friends! Cheers to 2017!

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5 Tips for Good Goal Setting

Here are 5 tips for setting your New Year's goals. 
*this post does contain affiliate links.*

So, here it is... December 29, and we have exactly TWO DAYS left in 2016. TWO DAYS, y'all!

I love spending these last couple days planning for the coming year. Here are my five tips for setting "good" goals for the new year.

1. Use a planner.

I use Inkwell Press's Livewell Planner. I love that this planner has you set goals for the beginning of the year -- and break them down into 3, 6, 9 month goals. You take six areas of your life:

1. personal
2. social
3. financial
4. health
5. home
6. dream big

and create goals within those areas. This is so helpful when you have a mile long list, and feel like you are overwhelmed to even start.

Each month you fill in your "hive" with your goals and to dos. I LOVE THIS part each month! I use Powersheets (More on these coming up!), and this is where the "To Do" portion of my Powersheets go. There is a large "notes" section across from this --- where I make my lists. ***I'm really awesome at making the lists.... not so much on the follow-through portion.***

2. Powersheets!

Game. CHANGER. This is not a planner -- but a workbook that helps you put ideas from your head and heart, onto paper, and helps you break them down into small goals that you progress towards over the year.

Do you sound like this... year after year you set your goals, your resolutions, you intentions for the new year. You make it until end of February at best. You throw your hands up, and say 'next year, I'll do better!'

If this sounds like you.... You NEED Powersheets.

Intentional goal setting, with poignant 'prep work' that helps uncover your self, so you can set the best goals, that will help you cultivate a better you.

Like, I said above... this is not a planner. This is not a to do list. This is where you set intentional, actionable goals; and you take tiny steps each month, each week, each day to achieving those goals.

Here are a few of my goals for 2017!

1. Grow Sweetpea Lifestyle
2. Finish my blogging courses I enrolled in years ago.
3. Save more money.

3. Time out.

Carve out time to make these goals. Set aside an hour if you can, and really think about what you want to achieve in 2017.

While we're talking about time outs... Block off an hour each week you can sit with your planner and powersheets and go over what you need to work on for the week. I like to do this on Sunday evenings -- I go over my schedule, make my to do list, and have a plan ready for action!

4. Partner in Crime.

This was new for me in 2016. I asked a dear friend to do Powersheets with me. What a HUGE help it was. Keeping each other accountable --- being able to text/call her and say "I need help!" or "Look what I've done over the last three months!" --- this was vital to helping me attain my goals.

5. Set goals that are attainable.

This may sound harsh... But, putting "declutter my whole home" is overwhelming. Try using language that is attainable in your mind. Like, "spend 15 minutes each day decluttering." THAT doesn't seem so bad?? And, 15 minutes each day really adds up!

Here is a great reminder from Lara Casey! She has a goal setting series going on her blog currently. It is so worth the time to read through! And! She has awesome prize package available too!
What are some of your tips for setting good goals?? I would love to hear in the comments below!


Pomegranate Goat Cheese Chicken

This delightfully easy, low carb meal is sure to please you and your family!

Each January, I start on this great low-carb kick... I plan, and I shop, and I prep, and I think THIS IS THE YEAR ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE. Usually that ends around February, when it's really cold outside, and I'm over the planning and the shopping and the prepping. Here's to hoping for a productive 2017 -- for more than a month. 😉

Start with a grilled chicken breast, top with goat cheese, and pour a balsamic vinegar-pomegranate juice reduction (recipe to follow!) over the top. Here, I have the chicken over green beans -- making it a ONE SKILLET WONDER, y'all!

That's it. This chicken was marinaded in store bought balsamic dressing, then grilled. When I purchase chicken, I usually bring it home, cut it up and place in freezer bags with different marinades. Then, the day before I need it, I place it in the fridge to thaw. I even do this with veggies like green beans, peppers & onions, and other "hearty" veggies. No potatoes... Do not freeze raw potatoes.... I did that once... ;-)

This "recipe" isn't a recipe ---- it's an assembly of yummy things. {{Which, BTDubs, is how I run my life...}}

To make the reduction; 

In a small pot over medium low heat pour 1.5 cups of balsamic vinegar and a cup of pomegranate juice. Let reduce by over half, until a syrup like consistency forms on the back your spoon. This should take a good 15 minutes. Maybe less, depending on your stovetop. Store in the fridge, in a glass jar. This is wonderful over any roasted veggies, salad, even vanilla ice cream!

Here's the non-recipe recipe...

Pomegranate Goat Cheese Chicken with Balsamic Pomegranate Glaze

2  boneless, skinless chicken breasts, split in half
1/2 cup Balsamic dressing -- preferably a low carb, low sugar version.
1 lb Haricots Verts -- the long green beans! You cook these like pasta -- still crisp in the center!
2 oz goat cheese
1.5 cups Balsamic Vinegar
1 cup Pomegranate juice

Butterfly you chicken breasts in half, making four chicken breasts, and place in 1/2 cup of dressing to marinade. You can do this half an hour before eating, or the day before. Overnight is best though!

To get started, pour your vinegar and juice into a small pot and let reduce by half, until a syrup consistency is reached.

Grill you chicken breasts on an outdoor grill, or right in the cast iron skillet. Remove chicken, and toss your green beans in the same hot skillet. Let the beans cook for a few minutes, then place chicken back on top of green beans. Top with goat cheese and glaze and serve!

It really is easy -- and this is also great to do with leftover chicken --- making that a SUPER fast low carb meal.

Do you have any go-to low carb meals that are plan ahead friendly?? I would love to try them!